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Still can’t sign up for Office 365 Education…

Firefox on Windows 10

The Sorry… failure-page at the Office-365-Education/Student/Pro/Whatever website looks like it came straight from Wells Fargo’s design department.

Ubuntu w/Unity
Chromium on Ubuntu

Chromium browser in Ubuntu displaying this website.

CuttingEdge Gnome 3
Chromium on Ubuntu, Gnome Environment

Chromium browser in Gnome 3 displaying the previous screenshot on this website.

Gnome Classic
Ubuntu Browser on Ubuntu, with Gnome Classic
Firefox in Ubuntu 14.10
Firefox in Ubuntu, Gnome 3
Iceweasel on Debian PowerPC
Iceweasel on Debian PowerPC
Back in Windows
Firefox in Windows 10
IE no inline ogg playback
Internet Explorer, Windows 10

Internet Explorer can’t play .ogg sound files inline, (in the same way that Safari also can’t). All the other browsers, including Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, and Iceweasel play these files easily without plugins. Why then, do the default browsers that come with proprietary operating systems lack this functionality?