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Featured Swirl

This post’s featured image is a fractal swirl.

These geologic layers of time are not the featured image.
Planetary Rings are also not the featured image.
graphics hello world svg to do

Now with SVG

3z33us logo filled with swirls of fire

SVG is now enabled in this installation of WordPress.

Solid green fill 3z33us logo
This one’s an SVG.
Ambivalent duh. face
This one is also an SVG.

(Sorry to Internet Explorer 8 users, since all you will see is alt text.)

Really cool looking logo with green fractal dots
Vector graphic featuring a raster pattern fill.
graphics pretty pictures

Testing the JPEG compression from Snapseed

This fractal was exported using the default settings in Snapseed.

See any artifacts?
graphics pretty pictures

15.2 kB image

A close up look at some JPEG artifacts.

Like 56k all over again

This image is a PNG to preserve the quality. 😂🤣

encryption fractals

Closed Padlock, anyone?

Now that I’ve added both necessary lines to my .htaccess file, everyone should be automatically redirected to https.

Like a hippie’s tapestry

to do

I got a B+

DuckDuckGo gives my site a grade of B+

I’m losing points for not having a privacy policy. I’ll have to look into that.

Let the privacy practices be known!
encryption pretty pictures

HTTPS Everywhere

Including here, by default. Next step is to automatically redirect all visitors to the https protocol by editing the .htaccess file.

Swirls of gradients

Should probably do that on a real computer instead of my mobile device.

Okay, I’m typing on a real keyboard now. I found a relevant Stack Overflow page to help redirect all http requests to https. Everyone should see the closed padlock icon now, even if they don’t explicitly specify https when they type my domain (or if they are referred by an old link).

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Ah, How Refreshing

This website was long overdue for a refreshing overhaul. It’s 2019: let’s see how WordPress has progressed since I’ve been away.

I’m creating this entry from my mobile device. Should I blatantly endorse the phone I’m using? Nah, I’ll just leave it as my mobile device.

Well, fractually…